Anthropology and Human Genetics

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Selected Publications

Humphrey, S.J., Azimifar, S.B., and Mann, M. (2015). High-throughput phosphoproteomics reveals in vivo insulin signaling dynamics. Nature biotechnology 33(9), 990-995. PMID: 26280412

Azimifar, S. B., Nagaraj, N., Cox, J., Mann, M. (2014). Cell-type-resolved quantitative proteomics of murine liver. Cell metabolism. Cell Metabolism 20(6), 1076-1087. PMID:25470552

Azimifar, S. B.,  Böttcher, R. T., Zanivan, S., Grashoff, C., Krüger, M., Legate, K. R., Mann, M., Fässler, R. (2012). Induction of membrane circular dorsal ruffles requires co-signalling of integrin-ILK-complex and EGF receptor. Journal of cell science. 2012 PMID: 22357970

Azimifar, S. B., Seyedna, S.Y., Zeinali, S. (2006) Allele frequencies of three factor VIII gene polymorphisms in Iranian populations and their application in hemophilia A carrier detection. American Journal of Hematology 81(5):335-339. PMID: 16628729